Before Invisalign, orthodontic patients were destined to years of metal and wires regardless of the extent of treatment they needed. With Invisalign, patients have use convenient clear aligners that easily fit into their daily routine. Your Sterling Heights dentists at Family Dentistry are highly trained and continue to see excellent results from this alternative orthodontic treatment.

What to Expect from the Invisalign® Process

Example of how teeth are straightened

The orthodontic process begins with a consultation and exam. If Invisalign is right for you, we take 3D digital impressions of your dentition. These scans are sent to an Invisalign laboratory where your custom trays are made. Once your first set are made, you come back to the office for a final fitting and are then sent home to begin treatment. Over the course of 20-29 aligner sets, your teeth are gradually moved to the correct position, leaving patients with a beautiful, uniform smile by the end of treatment.

Benefits of Invisalign®

Many of our Sterling Heights patients find that Invisalign is a orthodontic system that can be easily incorporated into their schedules. Some of the benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Increased Flexibility: Invisalign doesn’t require you to change your diet during treatment. Patients are free to take out the aligning trays before each meal and replace them after thoroughly brushing and flossing their teeth at the end of their meal.
  • Comfortable Treatment: Since the aligners are made of plastic rather than metal, Invisalign does not irritate the sensitive tissue in your mouth. Invisalign is a comfortable orthodontic corrective system.
  • Discreet Procedure: Invisalign trays are practically invisible, allowing patients to straighten their teeth without attracting unwanted attention to their treatment. This makes Invisalign a great option for more mature patients who wish to maintain a professional appearance throughout treatment.
  • Easy to Use: Invisalign is truly a patient-oriented orthodontic corrective solution. The trays are easy to change out at home, making the results patient driven. As the aligners are removable, cleaning and maintaining great oral health is easy.

Sterling Heights Invisalign® Patient Profile

As a patient-driven orthodontic treatment, the dentists at Family Dentistry have found that Invisalign is a great solution for patients who have finished their dental development and are not at risk of impacted wisdom teeth. The best results often come from patients who follow the treatment plan diligently, wearing the trays for the recommended 22 hours a day and changing the trays in accordance to their specific treatment plan.

Interested in Invisalign®? Visit Family Dentistry Today!

For many people, Invisalign offers a flexible, discreet way for them to correct minor to moderate orthodontic flaws. If you are interested in the benefits of Invisalign, contact our Sterling Heights dental practice for a consultation today! Our dentists look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, straight smile.


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