Having a healthy smile is imperative for maintaining dental function and overall oral health. If you have vulnerable teeth due to dental damage or infection, crowns are an excellent restorative solution to improve the appearance and function of your smile. At Family Dentistry, our dentists offer same day crowns in Sterling Heights to help patients complete their smiles.



Why Use a Crown?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped prosthetic that completely covers a weakened tooth, reinforcing the tooth’s integrity and restoring dental function. A crown is an effective solution for preventing further tooth decay or oral infection. They are often recommended following root canal therapy and can be used as part of more extensive restorations, such as fixed bridges or dental implants.

Same Day Crowns

When weighing your restoration options, consider the benefits of same-day crowns at Family Dentistry;

Patient Convenience: We value our patients’ time and are constantly seeking new ways to improve their treatment experience. Beginning with your consultation, we use digital impressions to get a highly detailed model of your dentition. With our restorative treatment processes, patients don’t have to undergo the unpleasant process of standard impressions or temporary crowns.

Local Collaboration: To ensure beautiful and lasting results, Family Dentistry works with a local laboratory that fabricates and delivers your crown in about an hour and a half. After the tooth is prepared, patients can run errands and return to our Sterling Heights practice for final fitting and permanent bonding. This cooperation eliminates an extended waiting period, allowing patients to come in for restoration consultation and return home that same day with a brand new smile.

High- Quality Materials: The crowns placed at Family Dentistry are all-ceramic. Our patients receive resilient crowns that can withstand daily wear and tear. These all-porcelain crowns are extremely natural looking, fitting in discreetly into your dentition. As they contain no metal, patients can enjoy their new smile without the sensitivity caused by metal-based crowns. All of our crowns are milled on a digital machine, ensuring a perfect fit every time.


Visit Our Sterling Heights Practice Today!

For patients with damaged teeth, dental crowns offer a versatile restoration that contributes to the improved function and appearance of your smile. If want to know more about same day crowns Sterling Heights, contact Family Dentistry today. Our dentists and staff look forward to helping you complete your smile with crowns in a day and more.