New Teeth with ReviatliZe

New Teeth with RevitaliZe™

Tired of wearing dentures?

Or are your teeth so broken-down that you are having trouble chewing your food?

Dr. Van Eaton offers the revolutionary RevitaliZe™ procedure for teeth replacement, without the need for bone grafting. RevitaliZe™ is an immediate solution for complete upper or lower teeth replacement that is as close to natural teeth as is available today.

With RevitaliZe your chewing power goes from a mere 10% with dentures and about 35% with snap-in dentures, to about 80% of normal power! Which for most patients means being able to eat whatever they want.

How RevitaliZe works

Sterling Heights Same Day Dental Implants - Revitalize

This breakthrough procedure utilizes dental implants placed in strategic locations at precise angles to provide the greatest amount of support.

The implants are placed where the bone is of the highest quality, providing greatest stability. Dr. Van Eaton uses a tomographic scanner to study the jaw and bone in detail to find suitable bone and to plan the optimum placement of the implants.

Only four implants are needed per arch, although on occasion Dr. Van Eaton will recommend an extra implant for additional security.

The entire treatment can be completed within the same day, including extractions if needed. Patients can walk in with decayed, broken-down teeth or dentures and walk out with a set of fixed-in teeth that are immediately functional.

Save time in the chair and save money

The RevitaliZe procedure eliminates the need for bone grafting. Instead of two surgeries, only one is needed. This is a relatively efficient procedure as only four implants per arch need to be placed. And instead of waiting to get functional teeth, you can get them in the same visit.

RevitaliZe™ treatment not only saves you considerable time in the chair, it is also the least costly of the implant replacement options.

Beautiful, Durable New Teeth!

Dr. Van Eaton partners with a top oral surgeon in the creation of your new teeth. He guides the entire treatment to ensure that your teeth not only look good, but that they will also be fully stable and that the bite is comfortable.

Our partner surgeon will place your implants in the proper areas for maximum stability and then Dr. Van Eaton will create your new teeth out of high-quality acrylic, for best durability. These are similar to denture teeth but without the fake palate covering the roof of your mouth or the large sides. They are designed for maximum aesthetics.

Dr. Van Eaton will see you on the day of your RevitaliZe surgery to attach your new teeth.

These teeth are provisional restorations, and when your implants have fully healed, you will get your permanent teeth. Due to the nature of the RevitaliZe™ procedure, the provisional teeth are immediately functional and you can enjoy eating your favorite foods.

Who are candidates for RevitaliZe?

With conventional implant treatment, patients who have experienced bone loss usually need bone grafting, a procedure that adds cost and time to the treatment. Not only does the RevitaliZe procedure eliminate the need for bone grafting for the majority of patients who have experienced bone loss, it also provides an efficient option for patients who are loathe to undergo surgery.

Patients with normal bone volume can also take advantage of the RevitaliZe procedure.

Complimentary Dental Implant Consultation

Meet with Dr. Van Eaton and learn more about the RevitaliZe procedure. Learn about the different implant replacement options, and find out if the RevitaliZe procedure will be right for you.

If you have broken-down teeth, you can find out from Dr. Van Eaton if your teeth can be saved or if it would be better to replace them. As a specialist in saving teeth, he will be able to give you an experienced, educated opinion.

·        Consultation with the doctor

·        Learn about the different treatment options

·        Find out if dental implants are right for you

·        Get all your questions about dental implants answered

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