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Family Dentistry ~ Serving Sterling Heights’ Orthodontic Needs Since 1970

Finding out you need orthodontic work can be daunting. Here at Family Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI, we are committed to creating a healthy and beautiful smile through orthodontics and family dentistry. Our team of dentists focuses on prevention, education, and early detection. We work with patients to improve their oral health by offering orthodontic options to improve aesthetics and function. A well-aligned smile is easier to care for and will help to prevent future dental problems.

The Family Dentistry Orthodontic Experience

Our dentists undergo extensive continuing education every year to remain up-to-date and well-informed on the latest technologies associated with orthodontics. Correcting orthodontic issues early on is extremely important - our clinical staff is trained to identify early indications of potential orthodontic problems during regular cleanings and exams. 

By about the age of eight, early intervention with orthodontic work can begin. Early orthodontic treatment can correct bite misalignment, thereby allowing the permanent (adult) teeth to set correctly. This reduces the risk of more intensive orthodontic work later on and promotes good oral health for the future. 

We offer orthodontics in Sterling Heights that includes: Family Dentistry Sterling Heights, MI

- Traditional metal braces
- Invisalign® clear braces
- Retainers
- Expanders

How Do I Know What Treatment Is Right For Me?

During your initial orthodontic consultation, our dentists meet with you to discuss the different orthodontic treatments available and which work best for you. Rather than trying to assign you a treatment based on the latest dental trends, we look at your dental history and determine the right way to help you achieve a vibrant, straight smile. 

Many of our younger patients enjoy choosing the colored brackets and elastics associated with traditional metal braces. This allows them to personalize their braces and feel good about their smile during treatment. Family Dentistry has an in-house orthodontic technician who makes all the components of traditional braces, allowing for customized braces to meet your unique needs.

For adult patients looking for a more discreet orthodontic corrective treatment, Family Dentistry offers Invisalign®. Custom sets of clears aligners are designed to gently move teeth into the desired position. Patients are required to wear their aligners for 22 hours a day but can remove them when eating and brushing. This convenient and cosmetically appealing treatment makes Invisalign® a great option for adults as an alternative to traditional braces.   

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Do you feel that your smile could be improved with orthodontic treatment? Contact Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with our Sterling Heights dental team. Our dentists and staff are dedicated to giving you the best smile possible. 


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