10/27/2015 11:00:00 AM | Jim Van Eaton

There are a number of different ways to improve your smile following tooth loss. However, few provide as many benefits as dental implants. In addition to filling in the gaps left by missing teeth, dental implants help patients improve the function and health of their smile.

If you are weighing different restoration options, consider the following ways that dental implants contribute to your smile:

Oral Health Contribution: When compared to other tooth replacement solutions, dental implants are the only restoration that successfully integrate multiple components of your smile into the procedure. By surgically placing implant posts into the jaw, the implant does not rely on other parts of your smile for support. Rather, the posts reinforce healthy bone structure and prevent further tooth loss from occurring. The result is a healthier, improved dentition.

Functional Improvement: As the implants are permanently placed into the jaw, patients receive a stable, highly durable replacement for their missing tooth. As a result, dental implant patients regain the ability to chew, speak, and use their teeth without fear of their tooth replacement slipping out of place.

Comfortable Restoration: The stability provided by dental implants also makes this restoration alternative a comfortable solution to incomplete smile. Unlike dentures and bridges that may be uncomfortable to wear for extended periods of time, dental implants feel and look exactly like natural teeth.

Versatile Treatment: Dental implants are not a restoration exclusively reserved for patients missing only a few teeth. Frequently, the implants are used to stabilize removable prosthodontics, such as full and partial dentures. This treatment versatility makes dental implants a viable option for patients looking to secure their existing restoration.

Long-term Affordability: While traditional restoration solutions may seem like an economically efficient choice, the required maintenance and replacement costs can quickly add up. In contrast, dental implants offer patients a permanent solution to tooth loss, requiring no additional maintenance beyond routine oral hygiene.

In the long-term, dental implants offer patients a new approach to improving the function, health, and look of their smile. At Family Dentistry of Sterling, our highly experienced team is committed to helping you regain your full smile with this versatile alternative to traditional tooth replacement solutions. For more information about dental implants, contact our Sterling dental office today. 

10/7/2015 4:11:00 PM | Jim Van Eaton

Thanks to advances in modern technology, individuals looking to correct the alignment of their smile now have a number of options for their unique orthodontic care. As clear orthodontia alternatives have become more popular, patients may find themselves asking which orthodontic treatment is best for their needs.

Both traditional braces and Invisalign® have their own unique advantages. When picking the right treatment plan for improving your smile, consider the following:

Compliance: In order to achieve the desired results with Invisalign®, patients must wear their aligning trays a minimum 22 hours a day. While this may be simple for adults to quickly adapt to, some younger patients may have a difficult time remembering to replace their trays after eating or to change out their aligners according to schedule.

Convenience: Part of the convenience associated with Invisalign® is a result of the removable aligners. This flexibility lets patients to take out their aligning trays before eating, allowing them to enjoy food without fear of breaking a wire or bracket. Additionally, Invisalign® aligners are easy to keep clean, ensuring patients retain consistent oral hygiene throughout the treatment procedure.

Comfort: Invisalign® uses clear, plastic aligners to gradually move teeth into their new position. This eliminates the use of any uncomfortable metal hardware that can irritate or scratch the gums, inner cheeks, or tongue.

Appearance: One of the reasons why Invisalign® is so popular is thanks to its almost invisible appearance. The transparent trays make the procedure attractive to adult or teen patients looking for an unnoticeable treatment plan for straightening their smile.

Application: Depending on your orthodontic needs, full braces may not be required in order to effectively and permanently straighten your teeth. Patients looking to make minor corrections to their smile may find Invisalign® to be a simpler, less invasive method of achieving their ideal smile.

Regardless of the treatment plan you choose, both traditional metal braces and Invisalign® can help you correct the alignment of your teeth and achieve your ideal smile. For more information about the advantages of Invisalign® and traditional orthodontia, contact your Sterling Heights dentisttoday.

9/23/2015 1:00:00 PM | Jim Van Eaton

When it comes to fixing a broken tooth or completing your smile following tooth loss, crowns offer a convenient, long term solution. Traditionally, the process for receiving a new crown could take several weeks from the first impression to your final fitting. However, the prevalence and convenience of same-day crowns are quickly changing how patients reinforce and restore their smile. 

Unlike the traditional 2+ weeks, patients can now visit their dentist for a general check-up and leave with a completely new smile. With this new approach to dental restorations, it’s no wonder that same-day crowns are quickly becoming a popular option for busy patients. There are a number of other way restorations are done:

1. Same -Day Appointment: For many patients, having to schedule multiple appointments for a single restoration can be difficult. With one-day dental crowns, patients can come in for their routine cleaning, have impressions taken and sent to the lab, then be fit with a completely new crown, all in one appointment.

2. Simple Process: Where traditional crown manufacturing may require dental goop to take the impressions, same-day crowns are manufactured using intra-oral scanning. With these innovative tools, highly detailed images are used to create a crown that fits seamlessly into your smile.

3. No Temporary: As the crowns are manufactured and placed all in the one day, same day crowns eliminate the need for temporary crowns to be placed. Often, provisional crowns can be uncomfortable, causing tooth sensitivity as well as bite misalignment. With same day crowns, patients can avoid this unpleasant step and receive a lasting solution to their dental condition. 

4. Natural Look, Comfortable Fit: With same-day crowns, patients don’t need to sacrifice the look of their smile. At Sterling’s Family Dentistry, we send your impressions as well as images the surrounding teeth to a local lab. The result is an all-ceramic crown that is indistinguishable from your natural teeth and fits comfortably into your smile. 

5. Durable Restoration: As same-day crowns are all-ceramic, patients receive a highly durable restoration that can withstand daily wear and tear. These resilient crowns allow patients to enjoy a long-lasting restoration that is easy to care for, requiring no additional maintenance aside from routine brushing and flossing. 

At Family Dentistry in Sterling, we value your time and are committed to providing patients with solutions that improve the look and function of their smile. For more information about same-day crowns, contact our Sterling dental office today. 

7/8/2015 1:42:00 PM | Jim Van Eaton

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